A jQuery plugin on top of the Nokia Maps API

jOVI becomes jHERE

jOVI has been completely rewritten and became jHERE. jHERE has more feaures, is more reliable, extensible and well maintained. Please use jHERE for your maps, as jOVI is no longer maintained.

You will be redirected to in 10 seconds.

Demos are back online

I was able to put the demo page back online. For now it is strictly a demo page with no documentation, I am still working on that.

First basic documentation is now available

I finally have a first version of the jOVI reference. Some stuff is still missing and the usability is not the best, but it still useful I believe.

I am moving to Berlin

Lately I haven't had the time to make improvements to the plugin. I am planning an international relocation, and that keeps me pretty busy. Plus I have to wrap up the last things at work, so I really don't have spare time.

But I will get back to jOVI as soon as I am sort of settled in Berlin. I'll keep you posted.